Suroil, Inc., brings together experts with decades of hands-on experience in every facet of the petroleum industry.  From working with oil majors to helping small startups.  From sitting behind a desk at headquarters, to controlling jet fuel quality on the border of Iraq, to helping a Panamanian power generator get better prices and terms on its oil purchases.  And, for World Bank and others, from defining least-cost oil supply for entire nations, to improving national oil revenues from crude sales, to privatizing government-held oil companies or centralizing the industry for economies of scale. They bring together: 


wind Downstream petroleum expertise Cost/benefit analyses of imports and exports, and analysis of logistics and support operations, with special focus on the Caribbean basin and Latin America, where its combined expertise beats all competitors, bar none.


Day-to-day operations, inspection, quantity and quality control, planning, investment analysis, and contract development.  Suroil achieves for its clients what they cannot get for themselves, against all odds (such as petroleum purchase credit terms they never thought they could obtain).  All of this in an atmosphere free of conflicts of interest. 


Caribbean, Central America, South America, and special projects in West Africa and the Middle East.


Suroil understands the importance of stakeholders:  From marketers to traders.  Politicians to technocrats.  Dealer associations to end users.  HIPC to CAFTA.  From resolving local issues to representing clients at highest levels of U.S. and regional government, and at major international summits. 

Suroil takes the macro view of every recommendation it makes.  And delivers completed projects that are on time, on budget and first class.

Where else could you go to find all this expertise in one company?